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Puppy Archive

Here you can find an image repository of puppies from previous litters to understand the visual characteristics of the offspring from specific parents.  Click on the name of the litter below to view a puppy picture gallery.

2017 Litters

Fawn & River (March) Small-Medium

Pepper & Brutus (January) Miniature

Chino & Apple Jack (January) Medium

Ruby & Prince George (January) Medium

Gigi & Brutus (February) Small-Medium

2016 Litters

Gaddy & Razmataz (January) Miniature

Penny & Cash (March) Miniature

Ruby & Prince George (March) Medium

Mia & Brutus (March) Miniature

Tabby & Cash (April) Miniature

Brie & Cash (April) Small Medium

Fawn & River (June) Miniature

Violet & Razmataz (July) Medium

Gaddy & Olaf (August) Miniature

Ginger & River (August) Miniature

Sadi & Prince George (September) Medium

Beanie & River (October) Miniature

Sedona & River (October) Miniature

Penny & Cash (October) Miniature

Kiera & River (October) Miniature

Tabby Grace & Cash (November) Miniature

Scarlett & River (November) Miniature

Mocha & Brutus (December) Miniature

Elsa & River (December) Miniature

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