Barksdale’s Sahara aka Sara (Female)

Sara arrived 16 September, 2019. Parents are Barksdale’s Maggie Marshamellow and Ivylane Ragin’ Cajun.

Sara’s Profile

Birth Date — 09/16/19
Size — Miniature
Height — 15″ +or –
Weight — 20 lbs +or-
Color — Red w/White, Bbee, S sp
Coat — Soft Fleece
ALAA — # PEND — EIC Clear, DM Clear, PRA/PRCD Clear, vWD Clear, IC Clear, Bbee, S sp, DNA Profile, CAER Normal, Remaining Tests Pending Age Appropriate.

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Breeder Application

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*None of the above Barksdale Australian Labradoodles are available as Pets and are only available as Potential Breeders.