Most of our Adult Barksdales are fed Life’s Abundance (Grain Free All-Life Stages) with occasional splash of Life’s Abundance canned Puppy & Adult Dog Food milled in for variety and spice. (Make their food interesting & different).

Before mom comes to Barksdale to whelp she is switched to Life’s Abundance Puppy Formula.

The Barksdale Puppies are started on Life’s Abundance Puppy during the weaning period. Somewhere around 7 weeks the little Barksdales are then transitioned to Life’s Abundance (Grain Free All Life Stages).

Life’s Abundance (Grain Free All-Life Stages)

Feeding Guidelines

We at Barksdale find this process to create good healthy structure in our Barksdales.

NuVet Labs - Your Pet's Best Friend

NuVet Products

Barksdale uses NuVet Products as a part of their health system for both the Guardian Program and Personal Australian Labradoodles. These nutritional supplements cover all of the Life Cycles of our precious Doods.

The Path to Perfect Health
Immunity Gap
NuVet Plus Canine Benefits
NuVet Plus Joint Formula

Changing Your Dog’s Food

If you are transitioning your dog’s food to a different variety, please read our important information on “How to Transition Your Dog’s Diet” (PDF). Click here.