Most of our Adult Barksdales are fed Life’s Abundance (Grain Free All-Life Stages) with occasional splash of Life’s Abundance canned Puppy & Adult Dog Food milled in for variety and spice. (Make their food interesting & different).

Before mom comes to Barksdale to whelp she is switched to Life’s Abundance Puppy Formula.

The Barksdale Puppies are started on Life’s Abundance Puppy during the weaning period. Somewhere around 7 weeks the little Barksdales are then transitioned to Life’s Abundance (Grain Free All Life Stages).

Life’s Abundance (Grain Free All-Life Stages)

Feeding Guidelines

We at Barksdale find this process to create good healthy structure in our Barksdales.

Changing Your Dog’s Food

If you are transitioning your dog’s food to a different variety, please read our important information on “How to Transition Your Dog’s Diet” (PDF). Click here.