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Barksdale’s Red Ramos (Male)

Arrived 04 September, 2018. Parents are Barksdale’s Georgie Girl “GiGi” and Barksdale’s Rusty S.

Ramos’ Profile

Birth Date — 09/14/2018
Size — Miniature
Height — 16″ +or –
Weight — 23 lbs +or-
Color — Red, Bbee, S S
Coat — Soft Wavy Fleece
ALAA — # PEND — IC Clear, EIC Clear, DM Clear, PRA/PRCD Clear, vWD Clear, Bbee, S S, DNA Profile, CAER Normal, with Remaining Testing Pending @ Age Appropriate.

This gorgeous Little Guy has just the warmest personality.

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Barksdale’s Zoey Star (Female)

Arrived 21 September, 2018. Parents are Barksdale’s Patches and Ivylane Rob Roy.

Star’s Profile

Birth Date — 09/21/2018
Size — Small Medium
Height — 17″ +or –
Weight — 28 lbs +or-
Color — Chocolate Parti, bbEe, sp, sp
Coat — Soft Sleece
ALAA — # PEND — EIC Clear. DM Clear, PRA/PRCD Clear vWD Clear, IC Carrier, bbEe sp sp, DNA Profile, CAER Normal, Remaining Testing Pending @ Age Appropriate.

This wonderful little girl is “Oh So Soft”.

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Barksdale has a variety of budget effective payment programs to make the addition to your breeding program seamless.

Contact us if you are interested in a male or female for your program or if you want more information on future Barksdale Breeders.  Email us at  or call 601-849-5026.

Breeder Application

  Click here to download the Breeder Application (PDF).

*None of the above Barksdale Australian Labradoodles are available as Pets and are only available as Potential Breeders.

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