black labradoodle puppiesThe history of black Labradoodle puppies might be a little short, but it’s far from boring. You see, this great breed of dog originated in 1989, when the Royal Guide Dogs Association of Australia charged a man by the name of Wally Conron with the task of breeding a hypoallergenic guide dog.

In order to make a successful guide dog, a canine needs to have the aptitude, intelligence, and personality such a vital job requires if it’s to be an effective guide. On top of that, Conron needed to make the dog hypoallergenic. With these goals in mind, Conron conducted the first purposeful crossbreeding between a Standard Poodle and a Labrador Retriever, and got Sultan, the first intentionally bred Labradoodle.

Sultan didn’t stay in Australia, though. He flew off to Hawaii, where he was a successful guide dog. It’s thanks to the great job Sultan did that the Labradoodle got the attention of breeders, who immediately recognized the potential of crossing poodles and labs together.

Similar to their Labrador Retriever parents, black Labradoodle puppies skyrocketed in popularity. They quickly became the most sought-after “Doodle breed,” becoming more popular than goldendoodles, cockapoos, foodles, pinny-poos, woodles, and more.

The future of the Labradoodle is looking great, too. Though most black Labradoodle puppies are made by crossing a Labrador Retriever with a poodle, many have begun multi-generational breeding in order to try to produce a viable and recognizable breed. This is the direction both the International Australian Labradoodle Association, and the Australian Labradoodle Association are going in.

Within the next few years, these organizations hope to give the Labradoodle a registered breed status. These organizations have rallied many Australian Labradoodle breeders together to work together to create a standard Labradoodle through multi-generational breeding.

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