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Barksdale Introduces Parti Labradoodles

The Parti labradoodle has unique characteristics.  It’s coat is fifty percent white, with spots and patches of any other solid color. No set pattern is required but symmetrical markings on the head are preferred.

Why Did We Launch It?

Barksdale chose to develop a top line of Barksdale Parti’s about 3 years ago. The Australian Labradoodles were started and continue today to fulfill a need as Hypo-Allergenic and Non-Shedding Canine Assist. As time progressed not only did the Australian Labradoodles serve as Canine Assist they also became “Designer Dogs”.

We became enamored with some of the really attractive Parti’s in North America and decided that Barksdale should offer this appearance to our potential “Forever Homes”.

How Did We Do It?

Jacqueline started a thorough search of the Australian Labradoodle Breeders that might have Pedigree’s we would be interested in. Ultimately we found the nucleus of Parti’s we wanted. The qualifications were: Minimum 4 Generations Health Testing, Minimum Freckling in the white, Multi-Generation Australian, the other Color Chocolate, Therapy Level Temperament, Correct Gene Dominance, and Size of Miniature to Small Medium.

Barksdale then purchased this nucleus of 1 male puppy and 2 female puppies. These pups came from the Northwest USA, Eastern USA and Quebec, Canada.

How This Will Affect Our Business.

The addition of another line of Barksdale Authentic Australian Labradoodles will broaden our reach to more Premium Purchasers. They have asked for this line and we are pleased to finally present these gorgeous Barksdales to the Barksdale Families.

The litters that have been whelped are everything we desired and lead us to be excited for the future of the Barksdale Parti line.

– Al & Jacqueline Gordy and the Barksdale Team

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