black labradoodle puppies SONY DSC[/caption]Before you start looking at Australian labradoodle puppies for sale, there are a few things you should know about these adorable, furry friends.

Unless You Buy Miniature, They Can Get Pretty Big
Black labradoodle puppies can grow up to be pretty big. Standard black labradoodle puppies typically grow to be about 22 to 24 inches in height for males, and about 21 to 23 inches in height for females, while both of which can range in weight between 50 and 65 pounds. That being said, there are also miniature labradoodle puppies, too, for those who are looking for a smaller dog.

They Do Need a Fair Amount of Exercise
Black labradoodle puppies need a decent amount of exercise. A recent study found that most dog owners (70%) take their dogs for at least one walk a day, which usually lasts for about 17 minutes. This isn’t enough for black labradoodle puppies. These little guys need about 30 to 60 minutes of exercise per day, and a decent sized yard to run around in.

They Do Need a Fair Amount of Grooming
Black labradoodle puppies aren’t the highest maintenance dogs, but they do need a fair amount of grooming. Because they’re a mix of poodle and Labrador, labradoodles can have different types of fur. Some might look like shaggy retrievers, while other might more closely resemble poodles with their loose curls. Regardless of which type of coat black labradoodle puppies have, they do need a fair amount of grooming. Most need to be brushed at least every other day with a slicker brush, and have their nails clipped about once every other month as well.

Labradoodles make for great family pets, but they’re not for every household. You need to have a decent sized house to accommodate their size, a decent sized yard to accommodate their exercise, and the willingness to accommodate their maintenance needs. If you have any questions, feel free to share in the comments.