black labradoodles

Before you consider seeing what black labradoodle puppies for sale your area’s Australian labradoodle breeders have to offer, know that you stand at a very high risk of falling in love. People can’t help but adore their black labradoodles, and here’s the proof:

People Treat Their Dogs Like They’re Part of the Family.
People treat dogs like they’re part of the family, because — well — they are. About half of American dogs sleep in their owners’ beds, and another 87% curl up with their owners to watch TV. About one-third of dog owners even leave voice messages for their pets when they’re away, so that their pets can hear their voice. Even more incredible, 58% of dog owners include their pets in holiday portrait photos, and 70% sign the dog’s name on greeting cards. If that’s not enough to convince you, then consider the fact that more than 1 million dogs in the U.S. have been named the primary beneficiary of their owners’ estate.

Dogs Consider Us Part of Their Families.
Black labradoodles feel the same way, too. They consider their owners part of their family, too. Researchers at Emory University have used MRI machines to measure the neural response of dogs to the smell of people, both familiar and unknown. The scent of a dog’s owner activates the reward center of its brain. In other words, the reaction is one that indicates a level of familial love for their owners.

Americans Spend Exorbitant Amounts on Holiday Presents For Their Pets.
Believe it or not, 76% of dog owners say that they’ve given toys or presents to their pets on Christmas. Four in 10 dog owners actually hung stockings for their pets, according to the poll. Of course, dogs didn’t return the gifts, either, because they have no concept of holidays, because they are dogs.

No wonder why Americans describe themselves more as “dog persons” rather than “cat persons” by a 70% to 20% margin, or why 60% of Americans think pet owners lead more satisfying lives than non-pet owners. Dog owners can’t help but fall in love with their furry friends.

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