black labradoodle puppies

Chocolate labradoodle puppies make people happier. That’s a fact. Here’s why.

Looking Into a Dog’s Eyes Boosts Oxytocin, the Love Hormone
Recent research in Japan found that when dogs and humans gaze into one another’s eyes, the oxytocin levels of each jump. This hormone is sometimes referred to as “the love hormone” because it plays an important part in social bonding. Basically, this study shows that humans and their canine companions actually love each other.

Dogs Help Humans Get Exercise
Most dog owners (70%) take their dogs for at least one walk each day. Typically, they spend about 17 minutes on average walking their dogs. Black labradoodle puppies, on the other hand, require about 30 to 60 minutes of exercise. This might not seem like much, but a 2010 study from the The Journal of Physical Activity and Health found that dog owners get about a full hour’s worth of aerobic exercise more than those who don’t own dogs. In other words, having black labradoodle puppies will help you get more exercise, which is linked to being happier.

Dog Owners Make Friends Easier
Having a dog means you at least have one friend, no matter what, but according to a study from Warwick University in Britain, you’ll have many, many more. In fact, the study found that a whopping 40% of people said it was easier to make friends as the result of owning a dog.

There’s a reason why pet ownership in the U.S. more than tripled between the 1970s and 2012, when about 164 million people owned pets, and it’s because pets — dogs in particular — make us happy. After all, more than half of America (60%) think pet owners lead more satisfying lives than non-pet owners.

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