chocolatelabradoodle5Chocolate labradoodle puppies make for great pets. They’re not that big, growing to be about 21 to 24 inches in height and between 50 to 65 pounds in weight. They’re relatively low-maintenance, needing just about 45 minutes of exercise each day. And they can help you get in shape, as one survey found that most dog owners (70%) take their dogs for at least one walk per day, which lasts on average for about 17 minutes.

Plus, chocolate labradoodle puppies are really quite smart! Here’s how you can teach a chocolate labradoodle puppy to sit.

Getting Started.

The first thing dog owners should do with their chocolate labradoodle puppies is to say “sit,” and guide their dogs into a sitting position with a treat in front of their noses. They should keep it close to the nose, otherwise owners may have trouble getting their dogs to sit. It might be a good idea to do this against a wall, so they don’t back up.

Guiding the Dogs.

Guiding chocolate labradoodle puppies into a sitting position can be a bit tricky. Owners should move the treat toward to the top of their dogs’ heads, arching it up over their noses so that they raise their snouts up into the air. This should cause the chocolate labradoodle puppies to go into a sitting position naturally, as they’ll just track it with their snouts. The moment the doggies’ butts hit the floor, offer positive reinforcement, and give them the treat.

Repeat This Over and Over.

Now the key is to practice. Owners should keep doing these two steps over and over and over and over again, until the dog knows to sit without guidance. Then, keep at it until they don’t even need a treat to sit.

These dogs are fun, low-maintenance, and smart (as if you needed more reasons to check out the chocolate labradoodle puppies for sale).

If you have any questions about training a chocolate Australian labradoodle, feel free to share in the comments.