How to Groom Standard Australian Labradoodles

Oftentimes as people consider purchasing standard labradoodle puppies for sale, many of them often wonder how much grooming the dogs need, which is more than a fair question. Many breeds of dogs need rigorous amounts of grooming, after all, while others practically never need bathing.

Standard Australian labradoodles do have to have a fair amount of grooming, but it’s nothing laborious. Here’s what owners need to pay attention to.

Their Coats

On the one hand, standard Australian labradoodles need quite a bit of brushing, but on the other hand, they don’t really need to be bathed quite as often as other breeds of dogs. In order to prevent their coats from matting, standard Australian labradoodles need to have their coats brushed as many as several times a week. The coats of oodles and labradors, from which standard Australian labradoodles come from, have evolved over time to repel water, which means that labradoodles won’t need a bath quite as often.

Their Teeth

Yes, standard Australian labradoodles need to have their teeth brushed, but don’t worry, it’s not an everyday thing. Many experts recommend brushing dogs’ teeth a few times a week, but if the dog doesn’t like it and squirms and/or fights, there are other options. Some dog food manufacturers make bones that dogs can chew on to clean their teeth.

Their Nails

Standard Australian labradoodles need to have their nails trimmed about twice a week. While some owners are fine using clippers, it might be wise to use a dremel. That way, owners won’t risk cutting the nails to the quick, which can be quite painful. If owners are still too apprehensive about clipping their standard Australian labradoodles’ nails, then they can have their vet or their groomer take care of it.

Labradoodles don’t need a whole lot of upkeep, but owners do have to make sure that they’re groomed. If you’re not sure how much grooming a labradoodle really needs, shoot us an e-mail, or — better yet — come in and talk to us.