How to Housebreak a Labradoodle Puppy

Miniature labradoodle puppies are literal bundles of joy. A study published in the journal Society & Animals shows that dog owners laugh more than those who own cats, both, or neither.

However, they can also cause a bit of trouble. Housebreaking a new puppy can be a teensy bit frustrating and a little yucky, but it’s just a natural part of bringing in a new member of the family.

That being said, it’s also not as hard as you might think. Here’s how miniature labradoodle breeders housebreak their dogs.

Set a Routine.

Miniature labradoodle breeders know how important it is to set a routine when housebreaking puppies. Sometime between five to 30 minutes after a puppy eats, it’ll be ready to use the bathroom. If you stick to a regular feeding schedule, then you’ll be able to stick to a regular bathroom schedule.

Condition Them to the Routine.

It’s important to keep to this routine, as the more you do, the more consistently the dog will want to go outside to use the bathroom. Though it does take a bit longer than most might like, miniature labradoodle breeders are able to housebreak pups in about two to four months, which is about how long it takes for their miniature labradoodle puppies for sale to pick up on the concept of going to the bathroom outside.

Use Positive Reinforcement.

Frequently taking a puppy out to the bathroom can be just a little bit annoying, but miniature labradoodle breeders know that you can’t let that show. Dogs will pick up on any feelings of impatience you may have, and will try to rush, which stresses them out. It’s also a bad idea to encourage the dog to hurry up, as it’ll distract the pup. Instead, it’s best to be calm and assertive as you take the dog outside, and then positively reinforce them once they’ve gone.

Miniature labradoodle puppies aren’t hard to housebreak, but it does take time. If you’re considering purchasing a miniature labradoodle for sale, but still aren’t sure about the whole housebreaking situation, feel free to ask us, miniature labradoodle breeders, about the best way it should be done.