Labradoodle Puppies for Sale in Louisiana

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As you check out the labradoodle puppies for sale in Louisiana, you may be surprised at the price. Oftentimes, labradoodle puppies for sale in Louisiana can cost upwards of a couple thousand dollars, but for good reason.

Here are a few things you should know before the sticker shock makes you think twice about buying a labradoodle.

The Demand Is Higher Than the Supply.

One of the main reasons labradoodle puppies for sale in Louisiana are priced so highly is high demand. Many breeders’ litters are booked six to 12 months in advance. If it were the other way around — if there were more puppies than buyers — they wouldn’t cost as much.

Most People Want a Specific Type of Labradoodle.

Many people aren’t looking for just any labradoodle puppies for sale in Louisiana, they’re looking for the right puppy. Prospective buyers often come to breeders looking for exact specifications. They want their labradoodle to have a certain color fleece, a certain eye color, a certain size, and a certain temperament. With such precise desires, it’s only natural that the cost of labradoodle puppies for sale in Louisiana would be fairly high.

Because Labradoodles Are a Top-Quality Pet.

Labradoodles are not your typical, run-of-the-mill dog. They’re a premier breed of dog with a prestigious pedigree. They’re intelligent, active, and lovable pets. Those who come to us looking for labradoodle puppies for sale in Louisiana know that they’re buying a quality dog. In fact, about 30% of our doods go to homes that already own a Barksdale Labradoodle.

Essentially, the reason our doods cost so much is because that’s exactly what they’re worth. We don’t breed labradoodles because we want to make money. We breed them because we love our four-legged, furry friends.

To see why these dogs are such quality pets, why not come in for a visit?

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